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5:15pm 08-05-2017

What is the name of your Web Site?


What is the URL of your Web Site?

:0) Stopped by for a visit. Love your art work.
9:26pm 10-01-2015
I love all of your new websets, they are beautiful!!!
6:16pm 03-23-2015

Where are you from?

Canada, near Montreal, Quebec
I have looked at your site and congratulate you for your good work. It is very lovely.
Keep up the good work.
4:33pm 09-12-2014

Where are you from?

Canada near Montreal
Thank you for your nice comments left in my guesbook
2:55pm 09-10-2014
Lady Amanda George

Where are you from?

September 8th 2014
08:29:28 AM

This is a special invitation to join S.U.G.A.R -
Sisters Uniting Gals of All Races
Looking forward to see you with us.
2:54pm 09-10-2014
Amanda George

Where are you from?

September 8th 2014
08:13:41 AM

You have a lovely website and I’ve enjoyed my visit
very much. I would also like to invite you to join a
wonderful group called Angels Of The Garden. If you are
interested in looking around just follow the link and
if you like what you see and would like to join us please
tell them that Amanda George sent you.

Thank You";
2:53pm 09-10-2014
Butterfly Mariel

Where are you from?

Guestbook Butterflies
July 6th 2014
10:21:23 AM

Summer Mist
Slowly she entered into the meadow,
Her skirt unfurled in the breeze,
Obscuring the wild flowers,
With her dense billows of Summer Mist.
July 6, 2014 Mariel
2:52pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 3rd 2014
04:20:44 PM
What can I say - all your pages are awesome, but lesson 90 blew me away. I will miss you! Hugs, Jean
2:51pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

May 8th 2014
09:12:53 PM

I love your pages, they look great. I enjoyed surfing
2:50pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

The Netherlands
March 21st 2014
01:54:54 PM

Love your webset 56 pretty birds
2:49pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

Chas., SC
March 17th 2014
04:46:15 PM

Excellent job on these websets!
2:48pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

Ottawa, Ontario
March 15th 2014
05:23:18 PM

Your site and your graphics are gorgeous!
Keep up the excellent work!
2:46pm 09-10-2014

Where are you from?

January 14th 2014
06:20:01 PM

Please enter your comments: Wow! your sets are awesome!
so colorful, so beautiful.
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